Pinreel Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Pinreel Video Maker to create amazing Animated Videos!

Getting Started

These videos will show you how to create your first a video and get started in Pinreel

Start from a Video Template

Quickly create a video using our Professionally designed video templates

Start a video from Scratch

Cannot find a video template for your design? Create a new video design from scratch

Finding the perfect template for your design

Learn how to navigate Pinreel to find the perfect video template for your design.

Adding Text, Images, Shapes & backgrounds

Learn how to use Pinreel's Animated text, stickers, shapes, characters in your video

Exploring the edit Screen

Exploring the edit screen and an overview of Pinreel's editing features

Adding Animated Elements

Learn what stickers are available in Pinreel and how to customise them for your video

Adding Animated Text to a video

Learn how to customise the animated text elements available in Pinreel and how to use them in your video

Adding Animated Images to a video

Pinreel allows you to animate your existing images in your video. Learn how to do this.

Adding Animated Characters to a video

Learn how to add an animated character to your Video, how to change its colors and customise it.

Adding Transitions

Learn how to add transitions between your scenes in Pinreel.

Adding a logo to your video

Learn how to add your own logo/icon into your video.

Changing the Animated Background

Learn how to add a background and modify it to fit your video.

Editing your video

Learn how to change layer timings, transperancy, colors and more!

Using Color Palettes for your brand

If you tend to use the same colors in all your videos then you must watch this video.

Changing layer Transperancy

Learn how to change layer transperancy to create opaque images, animated text and more.

Edit Layer Timings

Learn how to chnage the timings of your animated text, images. Make them show later or sooner in the video.

Saving a design for next time

Learn how to save a video design to continue editing it next time.

Exporting your video Design

Learn how to export your design in a way you can share on social media

Exploring a video to mp4, gif or static image

Learn how to export the video you created to an mp4, gif or even a static frame image from your video.


Sure you can find our official knowledge base here:

Pinreel works best on short 4 to 30 Seconds videos which are full of animations. These videos are ideal for social media, intro videos, Instagram stories and reels.

Yes, You can find pinreel on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

We have lots of free Animated Video Templates in Pinreel! If you want more you can unlock them by going premium. If you just want to quickly export a single design you can even pay for a single export.

Create stunning Animated Content

Download Pinreel on your Phone for free and start creating!