Turn your blog post into a video


How to turn your
blog post into a video


Open a ready to use template or create a new design


Select an Animated Text Element

Our designers spend days designing trendy animated titles so that you can add them to your design in seconds. We believe in animation, so all our text elements are animated.


Modify your new text element

At this point it might be easier to pause the preview. You can then tap on the text you want to edit to change it's color, size, font, bold and more.

Add Swipe Up Animated Text Element to Instagram Story

Share your Blog Video

Tap the share button in the top of the screen to export the design. You will find your exported video in your phone's gallery. Upload this to youtube or social media.

Make elements appear one after the other

Each element you add in pinreel is added in the first second of the video. Some videos that you make might require that certian elements show up after a second or 2 and not all at once. To move an element in time, you can use the timeline feature:


Select an Element


Move the green timeline left/right

The green timeline bar controls when the element will show up in your video. If you move it right, it will show up towards teh end of your video. When moving it you will notice that the element might get hidden. This is because the preview is showing you part of the video that does not have the element.

Make blog elements show up later in time

Increase the duration of the blog video

You might want to have a different video duration then the default one. This can be easily modified with Pinreel.


Tap the duration

Make sure no elements are selected.


Set your preferred duration in seconds

Change video duration

Create stunning Animated Content

Download Pinreel on your Phone for free and start creating!