The Social Media 2023 Marketing Calendar

To save you some time we put together this Marketing Calendar, complete with most of 2023 holidays and main events around the world. Use this marketing calendar to smartly plan out your campaigns and make every day in 2023 a celebration.

Why use a Social media planning calendar?

Good marketing campaigns take time to plan. If you run an ecommerce business you know how important it is to plan your promotions and sales events in advance. A social media planning calendar enables you and your team to view the upcoming holidays and create marketing events well in advance.

How to use this marketing Calendar?

Every business is different. Considering your business theme, choose the marketing events and holidays that best match your business. Do not post on every calendar event, bombarding your audience with noise and unnecessary information that has nothing to do with your brand. Rather choose the important marketing events for your unique business and plan a proactive marketing campaign around them.

Is Pinreel’s Marketing Calendar free?

Yes, this marketing events calendar is completely free! We built it as a free tool so that users of the Pinreel App can quickly find Animated video templates to create videos for social media marketing.

Not just a social media planning calendar

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